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The legendary secret marketing intel event is back…

Yanik Silver

Not a lot of people know this but...

Over a decade ago, on the back of a bar napkin, I jotted down the idea for the Underground Online Marketing Seminar® — A totally different kind of business conference where I’d invite all the ‘under-the-radar’ marketers and entrepreneurs quietly making a killing online to share all their best secrets on internet business growth.

And every year, for 10 straight years, I brought a new group of these internet trendsetters together to reveal their “in-the trenches” wisdom and expertise to raving audiences.

Participating attendees and presenters were truly the ‘who’s who’ of the online business world, including icons such as Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, Mike Faith, CEO of Headsets.com, Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy.com, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of “Crush it”, Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org and so many others.

The Underground Online Seminar® had become the online marketing learning, networking, and deal-making event of the YEAR and even named by Forbes as one of their “Top-10 Must Attend Conferences For Entrepreneurs”.

I retired the conference in 2014 to focus on other projects, but I got emails for months from people BEGGING me to bring Underground® back.

I have to admit…

I was pretty reluctant to do so for awhile. Putting on an elite conference like Underground® was a BIG undertaking, and I was putting everything I had into building Maverick1000, my global network of industry-changing entrepreneurs, and putting out my most significant book, The Evolved Enterprise.

But then it hit me…the perfect partners were right under my nose!

In 2016, I teamed up with Maverick1000 members, previous Underground contributors, my long-time friends and industry power couple, Dush and Terra Ramachandran, to bring back the Underground Online Marketing Seminar® in a totally new way.

You see…

Dush and Terra saw a way to go the opposite direction of most other conferences.

They were sick of gigantic and totally impersonal summit formats. They wanted to spend their time and attention:

  • Learning from the game-changers at the top of the industry…in a small setting, where we can actually ask questions and interact with the experts on a personal level…
  • Getting to know fellow attendees beyond a conversation at the bar…
  • Building invaluable relationships with exceptional individuals who enrich our minds and also our souls, and…
  • Letting lucrative business deals and partnerships flow from that authentic space of genuine connection.

Last year was the first experiment and I truly wasn’t sure what would happen. I’m excited to report the small format, intimate conversations and new content was a hit. Here’s what one industry veteran reported back:

“Wow you guys really know how to throw an event! Everything from the room, to the events, to the people attending/speaking. A-class all the way.”

- Byron Walker, e-commerce expert and founder of SurvivalFrog.com

And after seeing countless comments like this one after Underground 2016, I know I made the right decision to bring Underground back with Dush and Terra:

Trust me…

…you seriously do not want to miss Underground 2017 – X Marks the Spot!


Dush and Terra

It’s true…

Dush and I have been in the online marketing industry for over
a decade (closer to two for me), and we knew the industry lost
something special when Underground went away in 2014.

Other conferences had stimulated our brains, sometimes touched our hearts, but rarely stirred our souls…

…and the soul…
…well, that’s where the magic happens!

You see, Underground was the only conference that focused on integrity.

Let’s be real:

Most people start a conference because they see an opportunity to make money, put people into their sales funnel, and push their platform…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But when Yanik started Underground back in 2004, it came from a completely different place…

He was dead set on righting a wrong he saw in the industry.

He was sick of conferences being led by so-called “experts” who had only made money online by selling “How To Make Money Online” products.

It was a joke…

…and beyond frustrating for the true digital entrepreneur who was trying to build a real business, selling a real product or service.

So Yanik fixed all that.

Underground brought speakers to the stage who were quietly making a fortune online…

…people you’d never heard of with thriving businesses making 6, 7, and 8 figures…

…and they told the audience exactly how they were doing it.

In fact, many of the “gurus” of today, like Jeff Walker and Jeff Johnson, were on the Underground stage before anyone knew who they were!

But that all went away in 2014 when Yanik retired the conference.

Two years passed, and while new conferences sprung up and existing ones expanded, nothing filled the void that was left by Underground.

In fact, quite the opposite…

…all the mega-conferences started to feel the same…like a bad email swipe that shows up in your inbox from 10 different people.

A different sign gets slapped on the conference room door, but other than that, you’re left with deja vu from the last conference you attended…

…like, “Haven’t I been here already?”

It’s exactly why we had to bring Underground back last year…

…back to serve our beloved industry, and the Digital Entrepreneur community of today.

  • men and women who want to know what’s working now in online marketing from real-world in-the-trenches experts…
  • but who also want to separate themselves from the fly-by-night internet marketers.


Online marketing has gotten a bad rap over the
last few years…

…and that ticks us off.

Scam artists out to make a quick buck by preying on the desperate have flocked to our industry…

…Be skinny by morning!
…Wake up rich tomorrow!
…Pick up chicks tonight!

We’re sick of it!

These snake oil salesmen (and women) have given us all a bad name.

Thanks to these jerks, the term “online marketer” now drips with seediness, dishonesty, and exploitation.

In fact, just saying we’re in the “online marketing industry” brings a wave of shame, embarrassment, and pain because we know what that means to most people:

“You’re one of those people who spams my inbox with rip-offs and scams.”

Yes, there is that unfortunate segment of our industry…

…but we refuse to let them define the industry we love.

We believe Digital Marketing is the greatest and most powerful industry on earth!  

Think about it:

Never before has there been an industry that offers…

…so much freedom (you can work from anywhere!)
…so much power (you can market to people worldwide!)
…so much wealth (you can make 6, 7, 8 figures!)

With so little…

…investment (a laptop)
…overhead (an internet connection)
…and red tape (no permits, licenses, or approval stamps needed)

Internet Marketing is the new land of opportunity!

It gives us the power to start our own businesses with unprecedented ease, creating products and services that come from our soul, allowing us to serve hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers, while building wealth for our ourselves and having a positive impact on our world.

And we believe the majority of marketers use the internet to sell good products that truly help people.


…there are 3 massive challenges facing our industry that we could no longer ignore.

And as Yanik often says,

“Do you just want to push more water down the river, or do you want to change its course?”

These are the truths that COMPELLED us to bring Underground back with a new approach, and change the flow of the online marketing industry.

Challenge #1: Making Money

The original challenge. This is the one we were all focused on (to the exclusion of everything else) back in the early days of Internet Marketing.

How do we get traffic?  How do we turn visitors into buyers?  How do we create a funnel that maximizes profits?

You’d think we’d have mastered this by now…

…but while a lot’s changed since Yanik started Underground in 2004, this part has pretty much stayed the same.

That’s because the game keeps changing!

What worked in 2004, or even 2014, doesn’t work anymore!

Buyer patterns have changed.

Social media has changed.

Marketing triggers have changed.

If you want to make money online…
…if you want to stay relevant…
You have to know what’s working today.

And finding reliable, honest information about what’s actually working isn’t always easy…

How do you know who to trust?

That’s why we’re continuing Yanik’s tradition of bringing real-world ‘doers’ to the stage who know what’s working now…

…not because they’re reading about it or spend their days teaching it, but because they’re doing it!

In 2016, we brought in truly “underground” online entrepreneurs like..

…Byron Walker who showed the audience how he built an e-commerce store and took his sales from $0 to $5 Million in 2 years without using Amazon…

…Jake Larsen, who showed us how he gets $7 in sales for every $1 he spends on Youtube advertising…

…and Melinda Wittstock who showed us how to profit from all of our posts, pins, and tweets.

And unlike other conferences, the speakers at Underground don’t talk theory….

…they show you exactly how to execute the strategies they’ve used to make thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars online.

Here’s what we heard from one of our Underground 2016 attendees just 2 months after the conference:

“I have been implementing what I learned at the Underground into my business, and my daily sales have already doubled so far!! Today they were 7X!”

- Takuya Naruse, entrepreneur, trainer, and business consultant

And here’s what another attendee told us just 3 months after last year’s event:

“Just by taking action on the things I've learned at Underground, my business has taken off in incredible ways.”

- Raj Jana, entrepreneur and petroleum engineer

Hopefully this gives you a small sense of the type of content and actionable intel you can walk away with by attending Underground.

We’ll be delivering more of these cutting-edge, register-ringing tactics at Underground 2017, X Marks the Spot – it’s what Underground is famous for!

But who’s speaking this year?

That part hasn’t been totally finalized yet, so if you’re willing to trust us a little bit by signing up without knowing the speakers – we’ll reward you.

(That’s $500.00 off what the regular Early Bird price will be when we announce the speakers.)

But your window for this discount won’t last long.


Now, we love the wealth you can build in this industry...

But...learning the latest tactics for making money online isn’t the only thing we need anymore.

In fact, it’s only one third of the game in today’s digital marketing world!

And here’s the dirty little not-so-secret secret…

…most of us are pretty awful at the other two-thirds.

Truth be told, we’re downright terrible at them!

Which leads us to...

Challenge #2:
Making Money Doesn’t
Mean You Have a Business.

And when it comes to building a business…

…most of us in this industry don’t know how to do it.

We know, we know…you’re making a ton of cash with your offer…

…but here’s a News Flash: a revenue stream
(even a good one) is not a business.

When we say ‘building a business’, we’re talking about something you can sell for a hefty multiple

…or something that can be a true lifestyle business, where you do only the parts you like and none of the stuff you don’t like…

…or something you can hire a management team to run for you, while you collect the cash and travel the world or write that book that so desperately wants to leap out of your soul.

In order to build that kind of business, you have to know how to scale…and manage cash flow…and build repeatable processes… and source, hire, train, grow, and retain good people…

…and that’s why, last year, Dush and I added a new element to Underground…

Underground Business Strategy

In addition to those “underground” marketers who can help you sell more, we bring speakers to the stage who can help you build a real business….

…a solid and sustainable business.

  • Not one where the survival of the business depends on how well your next launch goes…
  • Not one that’s based on you being in it 24/7…
  • And not one that grinds to a screeching halt when you’re sick or on vacation or just want a break.

At Underground 2016, attendees heard from speakers, like Garrett Gunderson, who’s a genius at simplifying the subject of money.

He showed the audience some easy, but little known secrets, for keeping more of the money they make.

It’s the stuff most entrepreneurs completely miss…

…little known tax strategies that are easy to implement and have a big impact on the cash that goes in our pockets each month.

The audience also heard from Dan Martell, a Silicon Valley alum (with 3 multi-million dollar exits under his belt) turned Internet marketer who’s mastered the art of getting other people to run his businesses for him.

Dan shared his process for finding A players, which is pretty sneaky…but pure genius!

“Dan Martell bringing the goods to #undergroundonlineseminar - Tons of actionable strategies on recruiting top talent. (and some amazing templates and 'done for you' resources) 4 pages of actionable notes! - Thanks Dan!”

- Mike Budny

This is the caliber of speakers and information you can expect at Underground 2017…

…but only if you take action fast.

43 of our strictly limited
175 seats are already gone,
so be sure to secure your
spot today.


Look, you already know how to build an offer.

We’re out to help you build a business.

A business that can thrive without you… and that gives you the freedom to do what you do best…


Isn’t that why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?

Sure, you chose to be an Internet entrepreneur for the freedom, the reach, and the money…

…but you chose to be an entrepreneur because you wanted to create.

Ahhh…the joy of creating something meaningful…

…Something that comes from your soul and lights up your customers…

…Something that makes your clients say, “Thank God you exist!”…

…Something that feeds the voice that whispers, “You matter! You make a difference!”

We forgot about all that in this industry when the money started pouring in…

…and we started focusing on opt-in rates, heat maps, open rates, and conversions…

…it got all science-y and technical and mechanical…

…like cogs in a wheel…

…and even if we enjoy parts of that – the analysis and the problem solving…

…we lost sight of the part that fed our soul to begin with…

Which leads us to…

Challenge #3:
Having Money and a Thriving Business Doesn’t Mean You Have a Life...

…a successful life…
…a meaningful, joyful, and fulfilled life…

…a connected life.

As we grew up as an industry, we got really good at creating offers and making money…

…and we bought the car
…we got the house
…we stayed in the 5 star hotels
…we bought the Rolex
…and the Manolos

And now we’re waking up and finding that everything we thought would make us happy and secure and successful and fulfilled…Didn’t.

Instead, we feel isolated…lost…disconnected…

…and worst of all…

…we’re not even sure if we matter.

That’s why Dush and I added a third element to Underground…

The Underground Inside Game

Because here’s what I’ve learned in my 17 years in this industry…

…after watching hundreds of launches and millions of dollars being made…

…the only men and women who feel truly successful and fulfilled in this industry are those who remembered to build a connected life, while they built their business.

Dush and I would be doing you a complete disservice if we only taught you the latest, sharpest marketing tactics and business building strategies…

…because we know it all means nothing unless you’re winning the inside game.

And to win the inside game, you have to understand a lot more than business and conversions and traffic and copy and cash flow…

You have to understand the hardest thing of all…


You have to understand your energy and your brain and your superpowers and your kryptonite…

You have to be crystal clear on your definition of success…

…not the world’s definition, or your friend’s definition, or your competitor’s definition, or your idol’s definition, or your sweetheart’s definition…

Your definition.

Because the surest path to misery, disconnection, and despair is when we chase someone else’s definition of success, get what they got, and find (years later) it’s not what we wanted at all…

…All because we never took the time to figure out what we wanted

…what we truly wanted.

You know, the stuff that makes us feel ALIVE!

That’s why in 2016, we brought in experts like, Sheevaun Moran, who showed the audience 3 techniques they can use to shift their mind and energy into profits

…and Aline Hanle who gave the audience a tool that allowed them to literally draw their own map to success.

And lest you think this is “woo woo” stuff, keep in mind that both Sheevaun and Aline have worked with many of the top sellers in our industry, and helped them get where they are today!

Listen, entrepreneurship is hard.

We all need strategies for fanning the flames of our souls…

… in the midst of dealing with the sometimes soul-sucking, everyday trappings of our businesses.

Because here’s the deal: if you let the flame in your soul blow out, your business (and your life) will go up in smoke.…

In fact, we feel the inside game is such an essential part of success for Digital Entrepreneurs…

…(and one that a lot of us in this industry are missing)…

…we brought in Philip McKernan, as our Day 3 keynote and last talk of the entire conference last year.

Philip is a world-renowned personal development coach who’s shared the stage with the likes of the Dalai Lama…so we weren’t messing around.

Philip’s talk moved the audience so much that he was voted Best Speaker in a landslide vote!

In fact, attendees described it as not just inspirational, but transformational.


That’s the kind of stuff you look back on in 3-5 years and say, “That’s when everything changed for me. That was the turning point!”

And that’s what
you can expect to get
from Underground 2017,
X Marks the Spot.

Get your ticket now, while our
2017 speaker line-up is still
undercover and a full $1000 off
our standard ticket price!


“The best event I've been to in a long, long time. Well executed, amazing speakers and actionable content that really did hit on all areas of our lives, not just "get more sales". This set the bar for me as to what I think a good event should look like now.”

- Trivinia Barber, Co-founder, Priority VA


Ok, so by now you know you can trust us to bring in experts who will not only help you make more money, but who will also help you build a business with staying power and a life that matters.

But that’s just the beginning…

We haven’t even told you about the audience yet!

Every year, over 50% of the audience (not just the speakers!) has a six, seven or eight-figure+ online business…

This sets Underground apart as the perfect intimate setting for not only exchanging exclusive tactics, and untapped strategies…

…but also for getting to know other legitimately successful digital entrepreneurs…

Just one connection made at Underground could change the course of your business forever.

In fact, just one idea from the person sitting next to you (let alone the speakers!) could easily be worth 10X, 100X or even 1000X your time and effort to be here.

This is your chance to connect with other in-the-trenches marketers who are quietly making a fortune online!

Don’t let the perfect connection your business needs get away simply because you didn’t show up!

“This conference is a “Must Attend!” if you’re a serious Entrepreneur looking for advanced marketing tactics and world class networking opportunities. I went to Yanik’s 1st Underground Seminar back in 2004 and met a guy that became my business partner. $25 million dollars later, the rest is history. Underground was my introduction to the industry and I have not looked back since!”



And here’s the best part about Underground…
we make it really fun and easy for you meet the other attendees!

At most conferences, you have to do the heavy lifting…

…you have to awkwardly walk up to someone, break into a conversation, and try to say something interesting…

…It’s totally unnatural and weird for everyone.

That’s why, at Underground, we curate unique experiences that create genuine bonds, inspire authentic conversations, and build real relationships.

You’ll have fun connecting like never before at a networking Happy Hour with a twist, a VIP dinner opportunity, and a themed party, like last year’s Bootlegger’s Ball at the Underground Speakeasy!

It’s all in the interest of shaking things up, getting everyone out of their business comfort zone, and into a mindset of creativity and shared opportunity…

…so that YOU can make truly meaningful connections that will benefit your life and business for years to come!

The Event Top Digital Entrepreneurs, Like You, Rave About…

Want the inside scoop on what keeps Underground attendees coming back year after year?

Check this out…

The Legendary Event Continues…
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It’s true that Underground has always been known as one of the top networking and learning events for online entrepreneurs and was named by Forbes as a “Top 10 event for entrepreneurs”.

“The goal of the seminar is to keep attendees ahead of the curve on topics that include gamification, mobile commerce, apps, social media, SEO, and a variety of other digital marketing tactics. This is definitely the conference to go to for up-to-date tech news and trends.”



Anytime you attend Underground, you’ll walk away with foolproof guides and personal connections designed to make sure you can apply what you’ve learned for a measurable increase in traffic, sales, and market share as soon as you get home.

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When your successful friends in the industry say, “it’s all about who you know”, they’re talking about the people you’ll meet at Underground…

…so make sure you meet the folks who are really killing it online by going VIP, just like this Underground 2016 attendee…

“Really enjoyed meeting amazing, purpose-driven people like Yanik Silver and Mike Dillard #UndergroundOnlineSeminar”

- Olga Rickards, Life Coach to High Achievers

On top of the already incredible benefits Underground provides to all attendees and participants, VIP Ticket holders can also expect exclusive access to:

VIP reserved front-row seating

These seats put you front and center so you can easily view and engage with everything happening on stage…

…and it also puts you in the best position for making contact with other VIPs throughout the event.

VIP connection lounge ONLY for Speakers, VIP ticket holders, Net Momentum Clients & Partners, Maverick members, and Sponsors.

This plush area is the perfect spot to build your network of high-level contacts over coffee and tea throughout the day..

…as well as do some reconnaissance and deal-making with real power players over a martini or two as it transforms to a bar in the afternoons.

VIP dinner

This dinner is the envy of entry-level attendees each year. Always a swanky affair, the VIP dinner puts you in the close personal company of our esteemed speakers, partners, and our most dedicated and successful attendees.

Underground 2014’s Masquerade Spy Ball

(Keep in mind that all ticket types for this event sell out every year, but because of the limited quantity and HUGE perks, VIP tickets always sell out first…)

Remember: Just one new idea, new contact or new resource from Underground could be the perfect solution you need to transform your business.


Let us put it to you this way…

Back in the early days of Internet Marketing, Underground was like going to college – if you went to Underground, it separated you from the jokers and the want-repreneurs. It meant you were serious about building a real business online.

If you’re coming to Underground today, it separates you from the scammers and the kids who are just in this business for the money.

Underground is for the adults of the industry – the true Digital Entrepreneurs; not the fly-by-night Internet Marketers.

If Underground is right for you, it means you’re out to make serious money by building a real online business that delivers incredible value to your customers…all while building a meaningful life for yourself and your loved ones, and making the world a better place in your own unique way.

Super Early Bird
Standard Ticket:
$3495 $1995


Super Early Bird
VIP Ticket:
$3995 $2495


“I cannot thank each and everyone one involved enough, this event is unlike anything I could have ever imagined.”

- Natasha Sabatini, founder of outdoor lifestyle website, www.tashasabatini.com

Join us, and our school-of-hard-knocks experts, at Underground 2017, X Marks the Spot, in Denver, CO, September 15-17.

We can’t wait to help you make more money, build a stronger business, and create a life that ignites your soul!

Warmly and Sincerely,

Dush, Terra, and The Net Momentum Team